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Friday, 7 September 2012

Dog dies saving drunken owner from train

Moscow: A dog was run over by a train moments after it managed to pull its drunken suicidal owner off railway tracks in a Kazakh city.

According to the Info-Tses news portal, the incident took place in Karaganda city.

The 48-year-old owner, who later said he wanted to commit suicide, drank a bottle of vodka and fell asleep on railway tracks.

Upon seeing the train, the dog started pulling its owner away. When the train drivers saw the dog on the rail tracks, they used the emergency brake, said an investigator with the local transport police department.

The dog managed to rescue the owner, but the train ran over its hind paws. The animal died instantly.

The drunken man regained consciousness in the hospital. He was diagnosed with two fractured ribs and a shoulder injury.


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