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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bangalore | Beaten and burnt by her father, baby Afreen dies

Bangalore: Three-month-old baby Afreen, who was allegedly beaten and abused by her father, died of cardiac arrest in Bangalore on Wednesday. Afreen, who was admitted to Bangalore's Vani Vilas hospital on Sunday, suffered a massive cardiac arrest on Wednesday at 10:40 AM and died at 11:10 AM after all efforts to revive her by the doctors failed.

Professor of Paediatrics at Vani Vilas Hospital R Premalatha said that multiple convulsions could have led to the cardiac arrest.

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights Chairperson Shanta Sinha said, "This is very tragic and sad. The case should be brought to a logical ending. The mother will have to be given full cooperation and protection."

Nina Nayak of the Child Rights Protection Commission said a Quick Response Unit needs to be set up to attend to such cases on time.

Her condition had started to worsen from Tuesday, forcing the doctors to seek help from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS).

Her father Umar Farooq allegedly wanted a boy, and started torturing and abusing Afreen after she born. Umar Farooq has already been arrested and sent to jail. Her mother, who allegedly witnessed the abuse and torture, wants the strictest possible punishment for him.

Baby Afreen was admitted to the paediatric intensive care in the hospital on Sunday after allegedly being beaten up by Umar Farooq. She had cigarette burns on her head and a dislocated neck.

According to reports, Afreen's mother Reshma is Umar Farooq's second wife. He had divorced his first wife as she wanted to study further, which he did not agree to. When asked why he agreed to Afreen's wedding with Umar, Afreen's father said they had no clue that Umar will turn out to be such a person.


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