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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kunaal Roy Kapur - Vidya Balan has done a great job in 'Ghanchakkar'

A few minutes into the conversation with actor Kunaal Roy Kapur and we fathom the reason why he can have everyone bust a gut laughing. While there is no doubt about his refined acting skills, it is his well-timed and well-crafted jokes, which make Kunaal a cut above the rest. Kunaal speaks to sources about Vidya Balan's 'Ghanchakkar', why he wants to play a Delhi-ite and his wife's perspective about him. Read on...

'Ghanchakkar', the much-anticipated film by Rajkumar Gupta, which features Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi in the lead roles, has opened to mixed reactions. While many think the film couldn't live up to the viewers' expectations, others believe, Vidya, after stellar performances in 'Kahaani' and 'The Dirty Picture', hasn't been as impressive. When we asked Kunaal for his reaction about the film, the actor said he was impressed. "We all enjoyed 'Ghanchakkar'. Vidya and other actors have done really well. The character which Emraan played is difficult," he said.

Irrespective of what the viewers have said, Kunaal appreciates Vidya for sporting whacky outfits in film, particularly because she's gone through a phase wherein she couldn't fare better in the style stakes. "Vidya has done a fantastic job in 'Ghanchakkar'. In the film she has been shown as a person who has a bad fashion sense and willing to do bold things. It is incredible to admit that Vidya has shown an aspect for which she has got enough flak," he says.

Considering the fact that the viewers have now begun to accept movies which don't necessarily feature a good-looking actor, Kunaal feels the combination of striking looks and unsurpassable talent can help one achieve success. "Only those who have a combination of both are well received in the industry. Scan the history of Indian showbiz industry and you'll conclude we have had good looking heroes. However, Amiatbh Bachchan wasn't a traditionally good looking star. He has a wonderful personality. But he is essentially not a good looking star. He was gawky looking, ungainly and wasn't muscle bound either. On the other hand, Dharmendra was good looking," he says.

As the actor says, it were the films of 1990s which featured actors, who were talented, good looking, could dance well and had amazing bodies. "So, a combination of several factors worked in their favour. Going by what I have observed from the films shot in the recent past, I believe the viewers relate more to the underdog. For, these are the characters who try to move up in the ranks. But they haven't been exploited much in films," he says.

How does his wife rate his looks? "My wife criticises me a lot. She is also my biggest fan. For her I'm Greek God, which is untrue. She thinks I'm the most talented person in the world, which I believe is a wife's job," he laughs.

Kunaal, who appeared in Aamir Khan production's 'Delhi Belly', is keen on playing a Delhi guy, as it will make him step out of his comfort zone. "Hasn't Delhi become the newest destination for filmmakers to shoot? That's because a lot of filmmakers belong to the city. Hence, they know that world and are completely comfortable with it. Also, Delhi is a large market for the filmmakers. In fact, the entire north zone is a huge market. So they are happy to cater to the audience up north. Delhi is also known for its brashness. The Punjabi flavour in the city is what makes it distinct. And this has a huge acceptance in Hindi movies. Mumbai is truly cosmopolitan city. I would love to play a Delhi-ite as it doesn't fall in my comfort zone.

Kunaal will soon be seen in 'Golu and Pappu in the house'.


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